Anastasia Valentine, From Teen Mum to CEO

october 20, 2012

From Teen Mum to CEO

A Journey In Facing Fears, Overcoming Adversity & Creating Success On Your Own Terms

This inspirational story takes you on Anastasia’s journey from teen motherhood, facing fear, experiencing judgement, living in poverty, to taking her control of her life and devoting herself to building the life she wanted.  You will experience laughter, possibly some tears, but most importantly you will be inspired to overcome any obstacle and make clear confident choices that align with and pave the way to achieving your dreams.

After this session, Anastasia will be on hand for a book signing of  her 2 children's books  Nature's Creature's, A Language Introduction Book & Crocodiles and Crumpets a book about finding amazing friendships in uncanny places.

Anastasia Valentine is a mother of 3 children ages 2-24, proud wife and CEO of Sandbox, a creative agency in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.  She is an award-winning product strategist, CEO of a Sandbox a marketing & PR agency, speaker, published author and mother.


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